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violence agaist womence it is a critical issue’it takes many formes wether inflicted by a family member or an stranger or a state back militia or by an abuse partener ‘whenever one woman suffer physical or sexuel abuse our common humanity is assaulted aong with her,we all know that the epidemic of violence against women has touched many of us personal(……)

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cosmetic surgery its a type of surgery used to change a personne appearence to achieve what they perceive to be a more disirable look.have it its a kind of major decision ,it can be expensive,a time consuming,and the results can’t be garanted.

it is an optional procedure that it is performed on a normal part of body with the only purpose of improving a person appearence or removing signs of aging -media and advertising do play a large role in influencing many people ’s live.for same having it can be vital,to confidence level and self-image if really you desire to change something on you.today cosmetic surgery has become popular for modern people-some believe that it’s a science to increase beauty of a person ,some of them think that cosmetic surgery leads them to self esteem.

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